Group Classes

Parent and Child level classes are for children ranging from 6 mo-2 years old
Preschool Level classes are for children ranging from 2-4 years old
Child Level classes are for children ranging from 5-13 years old.

Makeup and Enrollment Policies
Tom’s Dive and Swim is not a rolling based enrollment system. This means that every session we offer has a start and end date. You can either call us or go online to make sure that you are enrolled for any and all sessions that you would like! What’s great about the end date; you will receive a report card after each session. This will allow you to see how your child is doing in their specific class level.

We offer makeup lessons for those who miss a class due to sickness or injury of either the parent or child. We cannot offer a makeup lesson due to pre planned events or appointments. For an 8 class session (Sundays or Weekdays) we offer one free makeup for two classes missed. For our 4 class Saturday sessions we offer one makeup for one missed class.

Schedule and Price

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to call us at (512) 451-3425 or email

We have several scheduling options for the group classes. Weekday classes during the school year are two days a week for four weeks. You can choose either Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays. Each class is 30 minutes long. Saturday Group Classes; we offer the Group Class on the top of each hour from 8am-1pm. Each session is 4 weeks. Each class is 30 minutes long. Sunday Group Classes; each session is 8 weeks long. Each class is 30 minutes long.

Weekday Group  - $219 per session (8 Classes)
Saturday Group - $119 per session (4 Classes)
Sunday Group - $239 per session (8 Classes)

Group Class vs Private Lessons
When you swim with Tom’s our top goal is to provide the best learning environment for every child individually. Group lessons are a wonderful option for a long term swim goal. A lot of children do great when they see peers trying and working on the same skills as them! We have a 5 kid limit for our group classes to ensure that each child can receive one on one time. Private lessons are a great option for those looking for a more personalized lesson or for those who are first time swimmers. This provides an entire 30 minute one on one lesson to best meet your swimming needs! If you have any further questions or need help deciding what will be best for your kiddo please call (512) 451-3425 or email: