Welcome to Tom's Summer Intensive Class

If your child is comfortable in the water, and just needs to get over the hump of swimming independently, this is the class for them! This class options is only available as a Preschool level 2 and Child level 1 class.


What are Intensive Classes?

Intensive classes push your child quite a bit more than our normal classes do. These are 4x a week for 2 weeks. This schedule allows us to reinforce all the new skills they will be learning. Each day they return, they will be given more and more oppurtunities of reaching indpendence with their swimming!

Is Your Child Ready?

If your child loves to be in the water and is comfortable going underwater, this could be the class for them! We will take that comfortability and turn it into the confidence they need to swim by themselves!

We cannot promise that your child will be a fully competent swimmer at the end of this course. We will work with them to ensure that they can keep themselves as safe as possible in the timeframe of the class.

If we decide that your child is either not ready or is too advanced for this class, we will work with you to get you in the correct class!

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Email sarah@tomsscuba.com with any questions or concerns